head set


Today's journalist is on the front line

24 hours a day.


When something goes wrong in the field, there's little time for thinking, just life saving action. 

But training is expensive, time consuming and many journalists’ safety training is not current. 

Our virtual reality masterclasses bring emotion driven scenarios to life directly in the newsroom, the classroom or at home. 


head set puts experts in the middle of the action

Hostile environment trainers can appear live in VR to give feedback, or we can automate instruction. 


Our scenarios are based on real stories, allowing you to practice in a safe space where mistakes are free. 


VR-Learners improve outcomes by up to 40%

Everyone responds differently, so head set adapts and builds resilience through repetition.

Using biometric feedback like breathing and heart rate our scenarios change in real time and can be used to practice making better decisions under pressure. 

We know how important it is to have resources at your fingertips. So we are building a mobile app with pre-deployment checklists, first aid and wellbeing resources and reminders of when it’s time to refresh skills.

Smart Phone

head set is built for journalists, by journalists

The training you need.


head set makes remote training more immersive and engaging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We use highly customisable assets so we can respond to the most current threats and keep development costs down. Our mission is to train more journalists more often, within current hostile environment training budgets.

VR training can be up to 52% cheaper.

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