Under Attack

From 'fake news' to 'enemies of the people', anti-media rhetoric is impacting journalism around the world.

There has never been a more dangerous time to be a journalist. But training has not evolved to keep up with current threats. Hostile environment training saves lives but courses are expensive, time-consuming and at least a third of journalists have out of date skills or none at all.


That’s why Also Known As is developing dynamic virtual reality tools for journalists to build resilience ahead of a deployment - whether in a newsroom, a foreign bureau or in their own homes. 


Also Known As is building an immersive platform for journalists to help them prepare for the following scenarios: Public Disorder, Conflict De-escalation, First Aid and Cyber Security.


Co-founder Kate Parkinson spoke at Digital Catapult in London about the life threatening emergency in Libya that fueled her mission to revolutionise journalists’ safety.